Virtuous has been providing security and related services to an increasing number of offices, households, industrial/commercial concerns etc. over the years.

Mostly, the security personnel are recruited from ex-serviceman of the Indian Army, Air force, Indian Navy and those who have recently retired from Para military forces. Our personnel are selected after verification from various agencies and minimum qualification is matric. Routine rotation of the security staff is done in every six month or earlier to provide well-knit and self-sustained dynamic force at every place. However, any of the security personnel not required by a client for any reason whatsoever will be removed from premises within 24 hours The personnel, though already trained in their respective field are further given an introduction course in household industrial and commercial security and labor relations..

Physical Fitness
High standard of physical fitness has to be maintained by all recruits. Once recruited, the guards have to maintain a constituently high level of physical fitness . For this purpose, they are subjected to physical examination annually. Those who fall below the standard are phased as per company rules.

Pay and Allowances
The company follows a competitive pay and allowances packages in order to recruit and retain suitable guards. We supply complete uniform to our personnel .All ancillary equipment is also being provided.

Salary and Other Benefits
All salary and other fringe benefits to our personnel such as ESI, EPF, Annual Paid leave, Casual leave etc is our responsibility.

Communications network and inspection
Besides intercom communication with the client, the guards have a network of communication with their Supervisors /Managers. The supervisor keeps vigilance over the guards through this network in order to ensure that the guards perform their duties well at their assigned places further, physical inspection of the guards is also made by the supervisors /managers. In addition, a network is established with the local police, particularly the beat constable. Contacts are also maintained with the Residents, Welfare Association, and similar bodies.

Track Record
The company has an excellent track record. The service provided to the client has been found completely satisfactory by them except rare exceptions; there has never been any untoward incident at the premises where the security is provided by Virtuous. Prompt remedial measure is taken wherever found necessary.

During strikes and period of labor unrest extra men can be provided at a short notice to guard the premises and other vulnerable points with a view to avoid any attempts of assault or sabotage.
Undercover agent can be planted in cognized areas to study, detect or investigate into mollified habits or activities of suspected persons.

Body guard services are also provided for escorting men, material and valuables.